Create infinite solutions for events …

We are ‘Voor de Vorm’, a full-service design, engineering and production company for events. We stand for innovation, variation and originality in the field of stage construction and design. Catered presentations, high-quality designs and innovative solutions ensure a strong identity that stands out in the market. A sense of form, technical knowledge regarding the use of materials, necessary force calculations for large structures and an eye for detail are what ‘Voor de Vorm’ stands for. We distinguish ourselves by having all knowledge and experience in-house, so that the customer has one (contact) line to create the entire event. We create space for experience. Designing and implementing speaking structures that intensify every event experience has been in our blood for years. Safety is our number 1 priority! We have an impressive portfolio of safe and successful ready-made productions. In addition, we can adapt our services to your needs for every large or small project.

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