– Birthdays
– Weddings
– Anniversary party
– Theme party
– Drinks
– Small scale festivals

We provide private events that range from weddings, theme parties to birthdays and anniversaries. We have the skills to adapt the space to the concept. Presentation and realization will no longer be separate from each other. Our expertise is translating a colorful concept into a technically and financially feasible plan. We create a stunning design. You can gain realistic impressions, even before the implementation, by viewing the digital drawings. We aim, as a green thread within our organization, to recycle as many materials as possible, to upcycle and to use sustainable materials. Thanks to years of knowledge and experience, we have no unforeseen challenges in these types of events. A well-developed plan in combination with a safely produced event is the promise that we give for both large and small events.

Contact us and have a nice cup of coffee to discuss the possibilities.

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